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The SPINTRIC air/oil separator can fit in-line to any dry sump system and will separate emulsified air from the oil as it passes through. The recovered air (containing some oil) is returned to the top of the tank, while the oil with reduced air inclusion is typically piped through the cooler before returning it to the tank. The benefit of passing oil through the cooler after it has passed through the SPINTRIC is that a higher percentage of oil is cooled and therefore the contents of the oil tank is cooler.
The cooler oil is ultimately drawn back into the engine where it will reduce engine temperature.
The SPINTRIC is available in three sizes and comes with a SS clamp and bracket. For best results, SPINTRIC should be matched with the flow rate of the engine. The SPINTRIC can be mounted anywhere in the line after the scavenge stage and in any attitude.
The percentage of air removed from the oil will vary depending on pump RPM, oil temperature and flow rate. Reduced air inclusion in the oil being delivered to the engine will reduce pressure drop and fluctuation.
SPINTRIC has no moving parts so will not suffer in the event of a blow-up. SPINTRIC is simply cleaned out by passing a suitable cleaning fluid through in each direction.
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SPINTRIC® Designed and Patented by ARE

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