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Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems

Now available from Classic World Racing

Lifeline is the leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and systems in the motorsport industry and their products are fully FIA approved.

Zero 2000
foam based extinguishant range

zero 2000 fire extinguishers

A specially designed atomizer nozzle divides the foam into miniature particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist forming an invisible seal over the target area cooling and therefore preventing re-ignition.

Zero 360
gaseous extinguishant range

zero 360 fire extinguishers

Lighter and smaller, Zero 360 is a major step forward in motorsport safety as it can extinguish fires not in sight of the nozzle.

All are available in mechanical & electrical activation formats.

We also supply Lifeline:
steering bosses
• Quick release steering bosses
rear led rain lights
• High intensity rear LED rain lights
• FIA homologated roll cage padding
• High quality digital tyre pressure gauges.

Datasheets and further info on all Lifeline products are available on request.

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