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Carbone Lorraine High Performance
Sintered Brake Pads

Now Supplied by Classic World Racing

Carbone Lorraine brake pads offer outstanding performance in all applications such as fast road, track and rally events. The blend of carbon, ceramics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals provide a constant, high friction performance together with low disc wear and good braking from cold.

Carbone Lorraine brake pads do not contain Lead, Asbestos or Nickel.

RC5 (friction coefficient μ 0.4)
Light car applications for track and road. Low wear rates and low noise level make this pad an ideal choice for use with OEM brake discs. Good for low grip situations such as road tyres, wet and/or gravel surfaces. When fitted to the rear, they will help the brake balance in non-adjustable brake bias systems.

RC6 (friction coefficient μ 0.5)
This is the original composition pad from Carbone Lorraine and has the widest range of applications in race and rally events. Good all round performance with low disc wear. The high density compound is uncompressible and so gives a harder pedal and better feel under foot. Can be used as a front brake pad with RC5 on the rear or as a rear pad with RC8 at the front.

RC6E Endurance (friction coefficient μ 0.46)
New for 2009, the RC6E offers a fairly good level of grip with a very low pad and disc wear rate. The product alone will help to reduce pit stops and gain precious time during long distance events. This product has exceptionally good thermal cycle, cold-hot-cold performance typically found in long circuit events. The minimal bedding in process available with this grade is also a benefit when rejoining an event with new pads.

RC8 (friction coefficient μ 0.6)
Designed to cope with the most demanding applications in professional motor sport such as WRC, WTCC, BTCC, LMS & NASCAR or any application involving high vehicle weights (900kg+) and high initial braking speeds. Very high and stable friction level that will help shorten braking distances. The RC8 is also available with the highly effective –R grooved backing plate option.

-R option
This unique patented feature consists of radial groves in the back plate, which provides a higher surface area to radiate heat away from the pad while also reducing the contact area with the piston, therefore reducing the conducted heat to the calliper and the carbone lorraine brochure

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